Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday moment

I have had an awesomely productive day thus far: fed PJ two square meals surrounding a trip to the Farmer's Market; finished Mother's Day gifts; many loads of laundry including folding & putting away, plus diaper stuffing & stacking, and more loads in the works; then took a break to sit on the carport enjoying the sudden sunshine and eat a snack while reading "French Kids Eat Everything" (this is a bit ironic since the French do NOT snack), and then swept the Maple schmutz off the carport and driveway...just in time for it to DOWNPOUR again (as I'm paying bills on the computer!  PRODUCTIVITY!!), which has undoubtedly caused the Japanese Maple to shed more crap all over the carport and driveway again.  So it was sunny and nice out for a grand total of about 45 minutes, I think.

Whatever, this is still a totally successful day!  I even WROTE A BLOG POST, for goodness sake.

New discovery at the juice & smoothie place at the market: Ginger Hopper juice typically has carrot, apple, and ginger, but today I added beet and spinach to that, and it was DEEEElicious.  PJ loved it too.  That plus the book I'm reading makes me want to get beets and spinach to add to her frequent breakfast smoothies!  Beet and carrot would probably be thick/rich enough to replace yogurt some mornings.  Will experiment and report back.

Current harebrained scheme:  eliminate snacking from our lives by focusing more on eating well at breakfast and lunch.  Especially want to stop training PJ to snack all day.  We'll see how my resolve holds out.

Time to get PJ up from her afternoon nap!