Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have a questions for everyone:

What color hair do I have?

I always thought I had brown hair, but everyone at work seems to agree that I am a red head. I admit that there are red tones in some lights, but it looks to me like the overall effect is still brown. What do you think??

In other news, I am one blood donation away from donating a full gallon! Actually, the different red cross regions don't communicate with each other, so that's not even counting the blood I donated in college, that's just since moving down to VA. That's a lot of my blood!

Paul cooked me a delish dinner tonight. Chili, and now he is attempting jalapeno poppers! I'm excited. I would take a picture...if my camera wasn't broken. Tomorrow I'm going to take it to the camera place across the street from where I work and see if they can fix it, and if so would it cost less than Canon wants to charge me ($107).

Finally, I am now excited for tomorrow night, when I will be hanging out with my friends Jeneane and Sarah from work at Jeneane's house, and making dinner. Hopefully by then Sarah will have a new condo we can be excited about. And I get to cook in Jeneane's nice kitchen with an island gas range, woot.

Oh, and one more thing, I registered for Alumni Weekend and the choir reunion at Juniata...only Steph can't come now, so I'm crossing my fingers that Laura will. I really want Laura to come because then she'd be at the choir stuff too, so I'd really have someone to hang out with the whole time. See, I get nervous if I don't have someone pre-planned to hang out with at stuff like this. Laura, if you're listening, please come to alumni weekend!!

That's about it. Hope everyone reading is doing well. Peace.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Love is, apparently, in the air

I have 8 weddings to attend, including my own, in just over a year. Add on Jo's wedding last October and we're up to 9. Here is my calendar of major events through 2008:

May 27 - Katy & Corey's wedding (my cousin)
July 7 - Nate's wedding (from Juniata)
(July 21 - Harry Potter release)
September 1 - My wedding with Paul!
September 29 - Lisa & Josh's wedding (but I hear a rumor this might be a JP, and not necessarily on this date? Juniatians, let me know if you have details)
November 10 - Laura K's wedding (from Juniata choir)
December 15 - Kelly & Reed's wedding (from Camp Hill/TLC/Nawakwa)
April 26 2008 - Kelly & Luke's wedding (from Nawakwa/TLC)
June 14 2008 - Jamie & Adam's wedding (from Juniata)

If Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley get married, that makes 10 weddings, including mine and retroactively including Jo's. Not that I think Ginny & Harry will get married in book 7, but they might. If Harry lives, that is. So that's potentially 10 weddings in less than 2 years, one fictional, one already past, and one MINE. Crazy!!

In other news, I got half-dressed to ride my bike to work today, but then I looked at the weather online and saw that it was only 38 degrees, feels like 30 degrees with wind chill. That's too cold for me. Looks like it will be next Monday until I might be able to ride again.

Looking forward to Easter Sunday up in PA - TLC will have great music, then lunch with my family followed by dinner with Paul's family makes for a warm, fuzzy, fun day. I like Easter. I just hope it warms up a bit...

Camera still broken - I need to go on Canon's website and figure out how much it costs to get it fixed.

Reading "Middlesex" by Jeffrey Eugenides, and really enjoying it...I wish I was reading it right now!

Went to Border's last night and discovered there exists a "Stitch n' Bitch CROCHET: The Happy Hooker"!! I flipped through it, and I WANT it very much. I also happened to glance over the instructions for the Afghan stitch, which I have a hook for but mine always came out slanty, and I learned what I have been doing wrong, so I went home and made a square in afghan stitch and it came out correctly! Yay.

OK ok, I suppose I must get back to work.