Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Soliciting Ideas

My cousin has agreed to play the violin with my friend Crystal on the cello for my wedding!! I am so excited!

I need to find a violin & cello piece that's not too difficult but pretty and wedding-y...and NOT PACHABELL'S CANON IN D...oh, and if it also had a piano part, that would be OK too, because the organist would be able to sight-read it no problem.

I also need an SSA piece for my college friends & two other cousins to sing...again, with or without piano accompaniment, altho I think with the limited practice time, with piano would be preferable. I wonder if they'll let me into the music library at Trinity next time I'm up in PA...

I'm taking suggestions. I should also head to Foxes Music down the road here in VA and get them to help me...that would be good...they're very helpful in there.

I also need to compile my guest list and buy address lables and see if my printer will print them...I REALLY need to do that...

And now I really need to go to work, because it's late in the morning and I am a lazy bum.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wedding Registry

I just barely started adding stuff, but here is a link to our webpage, which has links at the bottom to our registries:

Scroll to the bottom for Registry links

More to come!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Most productive day off ever!

Yesterday Paul and I went up to PA to taste wedding cake...and we did so much other useful things!!

After my doctor's appointment, we got on the road early before 10:00am.

After a light lunch with my Mom at my parents' house, I got to open my birthday present and Paul opened our wedding present from Aunt Judy - we got a Le Cruset ceramic loaf pan that matches my Le Cruset mini cassarole, and for the wedding present we got a Le Cruset cast iron 2 3/4 quart deep oval baking dish! It's so beautiful, and it's red-fade-to-orange, so it matches the two other Le Crusets we have, and with the orange it will also match the Kitchen Aid that Paul's mom got for us (we don't actually have that yet)! So exciting.

After that my Dad happened to stop in, and he agreed to drive out to the Verizon store with us to get Paul's phone put on our family plan! Paul even got a new phone (nicer than mine!), and now we don't have to worry about his phone bill every month! We're just going to pay my Dad for a year at once, and we save over 50%!

After that was the cake-tasting appointment...we picked strawberry ("heavenly strawberry"), and the cake is going to be so beautiful...but you will have to wait for the wedding to see it!!

After that we went back to my parents' house, where Paul made us Garlic Chicken for dinner, which was delish. After dinner came the last awesome surprise of the day - my dad finished our coffee table! It is so beautiful, solid oak, and exactly what I wanted with a shelf on the bottom. He built it from a picture of a table that I liked! It is the most wonderful coffee table ever. My co-worker Sarah said it best when I showed her the coffee table: "Your Dad is the BEST!" I know! He really is.

In other news, I haven't really been keeping up with the picture-a-day yet, but I am turning over a new leaf as of today. To cover the last few days, here are some pics:

On Saturday 6/1: My bike after I filled the tires with free air behind the Falls Church fire station on the W&OD Canal trail on the way back from my 15-mile round-trip ride to Barcroft Field, where we didn't have the softball game I was expecting to play when I got there:

On Sunday afternoon 6/2: My arm stained with blue after helping a fellow Nawakwa-ite tie-dye some sheets (10 of them!) for decoration at the under-sea-themed VBS this year:
After we were done (it took all afternoon!!), Karen treated me to Chipotle, which despite being owned by McDonalds is really super delicious!! I also got to play with Karen's cats and hear lots of fun stories from and about Karen's three adorable and very cool kids, the youngest of which I had never met before because she's only 1 year old - all three of them are so cute! Sorry no pics of them, but my hands were covered in latex gloves and tie-dye the entire time they were around.

And finally, out of chronological order but saving the best for last, on Monday 5/28 (Memorial Day): Playing Trivial Pursuit with Paul, future Mom-in-Law Linda, future Sister-in-Law Megan, and future Next-Door-Neighbor-in-Law Hope. I didn't lose miserably, which was a nice change, but boy are those Askeys good at Trivial Pursuit!!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Katy & Corey Wedding Pics

I posted pictures of Katy & Corey's wedding:

The Rehearsal

The Wedding

The Reception

So much fun! Enjoy!!

Also, Paul & I are up in PA next Tuesday June 5 to visit our wedding cake place and taste cakes...exciting! I've already picked four cake flavors to taste, but just for fun leave me a comment saying which four flavors you'd pick, and pair a filling with each if you want to. I'll let you know if anyone picks the same four I did.

DC Improv with two girlfriends from work tonight...they planned it for my birthday! I'm excited. Paul drove me to work this morning, and Jeneane has offered to drive me home, so that means I'm going to have plenty of yummy drinks!

Since I got a new camera for my birthday (thanks, Paul!), I am hoping to start copying my friend Steph with her "Project 360" photo-a-day. I think it will be a fun addition to my blog! At least I know Aunt Ninny will enjoy it :o)