Saturday, December 23, 2006

almost Christmas

it's going to be a weird Christmas...but a good one, i think. i swear i will post on here eventually, including plenty of france pics! but first i must finish making at least the presents for my immediate family...the rest can wait 'til next week, cuz i won't see the rest of the fam until wednesday.

here is the car paul & i might buy...we love it!
2007 Toyota Matrix

Today: making presents like mad
Tonight: a PREPpy Christmas!
Sunday morning: church @ Trinity Lutheran?
Sunday afternoon: an Askey Christmas (Eve)
Sunday night: late service at Advent Lutheran in York, then drive to Camp Hill
Monday: a Killian Christmas
Tuesday: a Chemo Christmas with Mommy, not so much (from home in PA) and finish making gifts
Wednesday: to Lebanon for a Leggat/DiFabio/Rank Christmas spectacular! This is always my favorite part :o)
Thursday: more working from home
Friday: more working from home
Saturday: probably more work, since i probably won't fit in 40 hours on Tue - Fri
Sunday: church @ Trinity (i miss it! no other church compares)
Sunday night: hopefully some new year's plans yet
Monday: sleep off that hangover, then back to VA & back to the grind!


  1. Does this mean you will be here for pork and saurkraut?

  2. so happy to see that you posted! i thought you disappeared...wednesday is going to be great....