Friday, February 16, 2007

new music, yay!

my cds came! i had ordered 3 cds from, and they weren't supposed to even ship until march because one of them wasn't in stock and i had to get them all in one shipment to qualify for free shipping. well, i realized that the song "suddenly i see" was by kt tunstall, the same person as "black horse and the cherry tree," so i cancelled that amazon order and replaced the out-of-stock cd with kt tunstall.

that was yesterday morning, and even with free shipping (which usually takes longer), my cds were waiting in my mailbox this evening!! i can't believe how fast they came! i'm so excited. now i have something to do while paul is at work tomorrow.

i am going to listen to my new cds, pump up my new stability ball, do lots of crunches, and clean the computer desk. it will be great.

my apartment is feeling much nicer now that paul and i did some major cleaning - i vacuumed the whole apartment except the bedroom on wednesday, and then paul surprised me when i got home on thursday by having cleaned up ALL of his HUGE pile of dirty laundry that had been taking up half the bedroom floor, so while he did TONS of laundry, i proceeded to tidy up the rest of the bedroom and finally vacuum in there. if i just tidy up and dust the computer desk tomorrow, and clean off the kitchen table, our apartment will be cleaner than it probably ever has been. hopefully we can keep it that way, or at least manage to slow the pace of the entropy.

so anyway, my three new cds are:
norah jones "not too late" (yay for her new cd!!)
the decembrists "the crane wife" (in honor of stephen colbert)
kt tunstall "eye to the telescope" (i am excited to listen to "black horse and the cherry tree" tomorrow until i know all the words)


PS: i'm taking suggestions from anyone who knows a reasonably priced but quality wedding photographer.

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