Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No more snapshots

First of all...


I feel so good. Things kept coming up to thwart me: timing, weather, temperature, laziness...I was getting mad at myself for not making it happen yet. But today I did it, and it was great, and I feel great, and I am going to keep doing it. But not again this week because tomorrow's the Lent activity at church followed by Young Adults dinner; Thursday is donating blood (I could ride by bike TO blood donation, but then I couldn't ride it home, and Paul can't pick me up that day); and Friday I'm going to PA after work to see Addy & Franny's musical. Next week I will be able to ride my bike any day, and will therefore do so at least twice. I'm not yet, but just riding my bike to work today made me *feel* thinner.

Hannah has been working out a bunch since she got back from France (where she lost a lot of weight from walking everywhere), and she was telling me last weekend about setting short-term goals for herself, so she inspired me to set one for myself. My eventual goal is, of course, to look great in my mom's wedding dress, which is currently way too small for me. My intermediate goal is to fit into my favorite pink flirty H&M dress by the end of May so that I can wear it to Katy & Corey's wedding. Thanks, Han!!

Paul and I went on a big hike on Sunday afternoon that made me super-sore on Monday, so I figure that counts as my second bike-ride for the week.

Unfortunately, while at the top of the hike at the beautiful overlook, my camera broke. I don't know what's wrong, but now the lense is halfway extended, and even with the battery fully charged it refuses to turn on or to retract its lense. I am bummed and do not know what to do. I really liked doing the previous post, and was hoping to continue with the random snapshots, but I can't even share with you the fun pictures from our hike! Also, it broke right before I got to take a picture of Paul & me together, so I have no picture of us from the hike. bummer. I am going to take it in to radio shack or something before I resort to sending it off to Canon, which I am sure will cost me an arm and a leg, and I would rather put my arms and legs towards my WEDDING.

Speaking of the rest of the week, tomorrow is yummy Lost Dog Cafe with the RELC Young Adults group, and Thursday I am hopefully going to get to see my friend Nicole from Juniata! I really really hope that works out, because I haven't seen her since we graduated, coming up on 2 years.

Then on Friday it's the cousins' musical in Lebanon, PA, and I can't wait to finally see Addy in person in a leading role. Yay Addy! And Franny too! I am very excited for that.

Saturday morning my mom and I will go pick out (and hopefully purchase) wedding invitations, and then I will head back down to VA. Paul's parents are supposed to visit, altho I guess that's up in the air due to car trouble, but if they come we will be getting together with them for dinner after Paul gets off work at 3:00, and they are also supposed to come to church with us on Sunday morning, which I think will be nice.

So that's my life thru Sunday. I will leave you with one final anecdote, which I have been excited to blog about all day:

My boss Kelly came upstairs to give all of us these cool pens today. I don't know where she got them, but she has a bunch to get rid of, and they say "SAIC," and came in a plastic case with a pen refil and an extra set of batteries in addition to the batteries already in it because it lights up all different colors. It's very cool. That's fun enough, but it also came with a slip of paper containing instructions and a lifetime guarantee. The pen is called the "Illuma-Pen," and on the lifetime guarantee section it reads thusly:
"The Illuma-Penis guaranteed against any mechanical defects."
What a place to leave out a space!! Oh my god, my co-workers and I were laughing our @$$es off, it was so hilarious.

Today was a good day, and Paul is making chicken and forty cloves to go with leftover rice for dinner, plus "House" is new at 9:00, so it promises to be a good evening too!


  1. i actually have penis pens! i'm emailing you a picture.

  2. Check out on line about getting your camera fixed. Is it under warranty?

  3. can i have a pen, too? p.s.(i'm so proud of my daughter)