Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have a questions for everyone:

What color hair do I have?

I always thought I had brown hair, but everyone at work seems to agree that I am a red head. I admit that there are red tones in some lights, but it looks to me like the overall effect is still brown. What do you think??

In other news, I am one blood donation away from donating a full gallon! Actually, the different red cross regions don't communicate with each other, so that's not even counting the blood I donated in college, that's just since moving down to VA. That's a lot of my blood!

Paul cooked me a delish dinner tonight. Chili, and now he is attempting jalapeno poppers! I'm excited. I would take a picture...if my camera wasn't broken. Tomorrow I'm going to take it to the camera place across the street from where I work and see if they can fix it, and if so would it cost less than Canon wants to charge me ($107).

Finally, I am now excited for tomorrow night, when I will be hanging out with my friends Jeneane and Sarah from work at Jeneane's house, and making dinner. Hopefully by then Sarah will have a new condo we can be excited about. And I get to cook in Jeneane's nice kitchen with an island gas range, woot.

Oh, and one more thing, I registered for Alumni Weekend and the choir reunion at Juniata...only Steph can't come now, so I'm crossing my fingers that Laura will. I really want Laura to come because then she'd be at the choir stuff too, so I'd really have someone to hang out with the whole time. See, I get nervous if I don't have someone pre-planned to hang out with at stuff like this. Laura, if you're listening, please come to alumni weekend!!

That's about it. Hope everyone reading is doing well. Peace.

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  1. You have light brown hair with red highlights, though Gommy would love it if you had red hair.