Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halfway through my week off

Monday I mainly loafed around and shopped online.

Tuesday I compiled the raw wedding photo files for Jen so she can hopefully finally make us a wedding album, which will most definitely be even better than the one stupid TS would have done if he wasn't a complete loser.

Tuesday evening I made baked enchiladas out of our leftover fajita stuff for our dinner, and I made myself a very yummy margarita to have with that dinner.

Today, Wednesday, I did my hair and makeup after spending the morning compiling non-wedding photography, then I met Hannah for lunch at Cornerstone Coffeehouse.
After lunch I went to PennDOT to get my driver's license updated with the right name (it had a weird hyphenated thing going on with my maiden and married names in the wrong order), plus the added benefit of getting my motorcycle designation added to the license. While I was there I also got a Juniata license plate for the Malibu, the car I drove while I was a student.
Also today the Juniata cap I ordered Monday (see above) came from FedEx, so I'm all Juniata'd up for the year! Yay. And I have a decent driver's license photo where I don't look like I'm bald and wearing goggles, my name is correct, and I don't have to carry around an extra piece of paper to show that I can ride a motorcycle. Yay.
After PennDOT it was about 4:00, and I headed with my memory card full of pictures to Giant, where I spent the next 90 minutes or so going through everything and ordering prints. After a few regrettable mistakes, I cropped and enhanced and re-sized everything I wanted to, and ordered 321 prints (that number includes duplicates of some photos). After all that work, I also got a picture CD so that it saved all the edits I had made, so if I want more of any of these prints it will be easy to go back and get them. I had to pay for two CD's to fit all the pictures. BUT tomorrow I will pick them all up, and I will finally be able to fill some of these crazy photo albums!

Tomorrow I will start the day by walking the short distance to the car garage to pick up the Matrix from its oil change. Then I will go pick up my pictures from Giant, and come home to make myself some albums and sort everything by who is getting the photos. I will frame the few I have to give away, and then I will drive Beckie's long-overdue pictures to her house so they will be waiting for her when she gets home from school. Then I'll head down to Lebanon to spend Trick-or-treat night with my aunt and cousins, and I can deliver to Gommy her also long-overdue framed 5x7 wedding picture of me and Paul to display on top of her TV next to the 5x7 of Katy and Corey.

Friday perhaps I'll finally do a bit of the cleaning I have been planning to do all week. I suck at cleaning. At least I've been watering my plants.

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