Thursday, April 09, 2009

More proof that I love Margaritas and Camp Nawakwa

I still don't remember it, but Tom R and, I assume, Marilyn D have managed to dig up the "contract" Marilyn told me existed. I didn't believe her, and I still don't remember it, but that is definitely my signature, so it must be true...I whited out my last name for purposes of internet posting. Tom posted this on facebook earlier this week, but since it's still Lent I had to have Paul e-mail me a copy so I could see it:

Meredith will live in a hole in Swamp for FCI [signed] Meredith [dated] 11/10/2008 Paul: Maintenence [sic] Shed

I registered for Family Camp I earlier this week, which I'm guessing is what prompted them find this up and post it. I just hope they don't charge me full price for sleeping in a hole in the swamp...maybe they'll let me crawl in with Paul in the maintenance shed if it does rain.

Of course, I suppose a hole in a swamp would be filled with water anyway, so maybe the rain won't even matter.

I can't believe they kept track of a napkin for this long. I'm impressed.


  1. I saw this on FB. Were you drinking margaritas when you signed this? It is quite funny :)

  2. yup, definitely more than one margarita!