Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Juno at the Dog Park

Juno had a few too many chicken livers on Thursday, which resulted in a lot of unpleasantness on Friday afternoon and even more when we woke up on Saturday morning. But that's behind us, and we've learned our lesson. She seemed to be even worse with the extreme shyness after all that, and even a trip to the dog park for her first off-leash experience on Sunday afternoon didn't seem to help.

Last night, we went on a good walk, and she spent the rest of the evening trotting around the house. Then while I was watching Lie to Me with Kelly M, I put a blanket on the couch beside me and put Juno on it, and she curled up there and let me pet her for about an hour. I got up at the end of the show, and was surprised to see that she stayed in her spot, but as soon as I came to sit back down she hopped off and ran away. But I definitely feel like we bonded, and even noticed that she curled up in the FRONT of her crate right inside the open door instead of her usual cowering in the back of the crate. And this morning when I hooked the leash to her collar, she got right up and walked out of her crate without me having to drag her! So I think we're definitely making some process. Yay.

I got some pictures of her trotting around at the dog park, sporting her red sweater. Since I can't post them to facebook from work, here they are instead. Enjoy!

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