Saturday, February 13, 2016

The best day is a day at home with no plans, just the 4 of us.

Paul and I just watched Jurassic World. Dude. It was so effing ridiculous I don't even know where to start. I totally enjoyed it, but it was so, SO ridiculous. I thought the T-Rex was gratuitous, but that was NOTHING compared to the giant ocean dinosaur jumping over the railing to finally get the crazy hybrid not-a-T-Rex. Plus it was a total deus ex machina, which is the lamest way to end a movie.

The last time we watched a movie together was a few weeks ago, and it was Mad Max: Fury Road. I think we need to move in a new direction with our movie choices.

Anyway, the real thing I want to remember today is how I got to spend really high-quality one-on-one time with both PJ and Max. It really couldn't have been much better. I got to sleep in a bit, then Paul made pancakes for breakfast, and then we all went to the West Shore Farmer's Market and I found a birthday present for Max. Then Max fell asleep on the way home and, for I believe only the second time in his 11 months of life (today he's 11 months old! Where does the time go??), he transferred from his carseat to his crib and stayed asleep, and slept for 3 hours!

During that great Max nap, PJ and I played Zingo and Robot Turtles, and plenty of other pretending in and around Robot Turtles, including hanging out with Duplo Mimi, who watched us play from various positions on the board. After Max woke up and had a snack, he hung out with Daddy for a bit while PJ and I did a puzzle together in her bedroom, which was really a lot of fun. I never much cared for puzzles, but I like them now, because it's something PJ and I can just do together--it's not me doing most of the work and her watching, or me having to coach and wheedle the whole time, or her doing everything and not wanting me to help. She's totally decent at them (the one we did has seriously tiny pieces), so we are really working together, and she's delighted every time either she or I fits another piece in.

Then while PJ ate her dinner, Max and I had a lot of fun snuggling and bouncing and playing with Tegu blocks (they're magnetic), which are fascinating to him--he loves how they stick themselves together, and also he loves handing things to me, and finding places to drop them in and grab them back out (or have me fetch for him). And then I got bonus playtime with Max in the bathtub after he had his first success at sticking his hand into a toilet full of his sister's pee, which was super fun for him and super gross for me! But he had a blast in the bathtub, so we'll probably have to start giving him more baths instead of just taking him in the shower with us, which is way easier but not quite as fun for him (altho he enjoys showers too).

My favorite Max thing of the moment is that he does "how big is Max? SO BIG!" and he's just so delighted with himself every time. Oh! And! While he was standing in front of me showing me the blocks he was holding, at one point he was no longer leaning on the couch, and was just standing there! Not holding on! For like 5 seconds, but still! It was exciting. In general, his stance and steps when he cruises around the furniture is still very baby-like, and he doesn't seem to be super close to walking. I'm relieved that we don't have an early walker on our hands after all--when he progressed from belly-scooching to pulling up and starting to cruise in only a month or so, we thought he might just keep right on going and be walking by 10 months or so, but luckily that is not the case!

And now I'm going to regret staying up so late when we have to be at church by 7:45 AM tomorrow, but oh well, it was worth it to fit everything in today. We need more weekend days like this, where we have no plans and just do stuff with each other at home. This was truly the best day.

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