Saturday, October 07, 2006

saturday morning

i got up early to drive paul to work this rainy saturday morning, and then i went to the drug store but it doesn't open 'til 9. so now i'm spending a sleepy hour back at the apartment, listening to bob dylan and pretending i'm a child of the 60's. i went to the CD Cellar yesterday before i picked paul up from work, looking for jason mraz and regina spektor, but they didn't have any jason mraz so i came out with regina spektor and bob dylan's essential collection. i've always enjoyed bob dylan when he'd be playing on the radio or elsewhere, but i've never sat here and just listened to him. i can see why he's such an icon, the feeling just from sitting in my slightly disheveled norther virginia apartment in late 2006 listening to him is so amazing, i can't imagine what it felt to listen to these songs when they were new. my generation needs an artist who can do that. there's plenty of new songs that i love, but not for the reasons i would have loved bob dylan in the 60's.

not that i'd prefer to live in the 60's than now. i most definitely wouldn't. how would i blog? and how would i afford a collection of 36 bob dylan songs that i could listen to at the touch of a button through reasonably high-quality speakers? in fact, i'm probably being grossly unfaithful to the musical form by listening to them as mp3s ripped off of a digitally-remastered CD and played through a nice stereo instead of a dusty old LP. oh well. i'll pretend this way is closer to what i'd hear if i heard him live.

speaking of live, bob dylan is still alive. i think he should be the president. he would be better than our current one at least...and probably better than most of our prospects for 2008.

alrighty, enough gushing. i suppose i'll go clean the bathroom a bit until 9:00 when i can go to the drug store. i need deoderant, face wash, pads, pink hershey kisses, a mop, maybe a few plastic containers to organize under the sink, red or pink celophane, and i think that's it...come to think of it, perhaps i'll just go to target. they're probably open already, and then when i get home i can use the mop to clean the bathroom all at once. i have a sponge-on-a-stick version of a mop, but it stinks for getting into corners an over uneven surfaces, so i'm getting a floppy mop. but if i don't find pink hershey kisses at target, i'm going to try eckhard and giant, and if i still haven't found them i'll just have to use the silver ones.

oh sh*t, i just realized i have choir practice at church at 9:30. i guess i'll go to that, then to target, then clean the bathroom, and by then i bet it will be practically time to pick up paul. then we have to figure out where we're going for dinner & drinks with sarah. i'll do the hershy kiss roses tomorrow.


  1. hope you found the pink hershey kisses. i've seen the roses made out of them. did you hear about your wacky mom and hannah's panties stuck to her sweatshirt? she needed fabric softener. maybe you should get her some at target!!heehee

  2. hannah's panties were stuck to my mom's sweater? Why was she washing hannah's panties anyway??

    yup, i found the pink hershey kisses. all is well.

  3. i really liked that post. it made me want to go use some of my moldy money for the bob dylan essential collection. perhaps i'll order it on itunes.

  4. i did it. i bought it on itunes.

  5. first time this season to wear her sweatshirt and she went to the hairdresser and took it off and hannah's panties fell out of it. 2 pair. please buy her fabric softener.

  6. dear aunt nancy,
    you're embarassing.

  7. I have a lot more Dylan if you want me to give it to you in mp3. - Vince