Sunday, October 29, 2006

the date is set!

on september 1st 2007 i will become mrs. P. L. A.

i feel wonderful right now. paul and i are excited, we have a plan...and i feel great. things are really coming together!

johanna's wedding on friday was amazing. of the six bridesmaids, i was the one with the biggest smile on my face, and also the only one crying. it was awesome. oh, and the dress...words cannot describe the most amazing dress i have ever seen. a-maze-ing.


  1. Do you have pics of Johanna's dress? You should post :) Can't wait for YOUR wedding...aaaaa!!!

  2. tee hee, oh mom, i know YOU'll be there. you BETTER be.

  3. yay for autumn weddings! can we sprinkle colored leaves around? how pretty it will be!

  4. Yay for your wedding! It's going to rock. Did you get my e-mail? You're #5 of my friends getting married next year, and given what I do, I have TONS of wedding stuff. MWAH!