Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Weddings, Halloween, and lots of pictures

Photos from Jo's wedding are here and here. The first set are mine; the second set are from Iona, the groom's sister.

Halloween photos of the cool cookies I baked, and Paul's costume...can you guess what he is?

See the answer below, typed backwards...hehe

I can't wait to really dig into wedding plans as soon as I'm back from France...according to, we're already behind on some things...but the date is set and the church is reserved, so I'm not long as we actually get married!! I think I'd like to do an engagement announcement in The Patriot News and The York Daily Record...and then next order of business is guest list and food.

Speaking of food, I'm eating a lot less so that I can fit into my Mommy's wedding dress by next year!! Finally, something that seems to be really motivating me to diet. My fingers are crossed...current waist measurement: 37.5"

Let me re-iterate: my wedding is going to be relaxed and non-stressful. Leave suggestions, but first imagine yourself being in charge of that thing on my wedding day, and if it gives you a tight feeling in your stomach, don't bother mentioning it!

I might be posting one other bit of big news soon...depending on when I get a chance to talk to my perhaps not until December. Stay tuned...

Good night!

!tcaxe eb ot nobrac fo ,mota na si luaP :rewsna


  1. when i click on your links i have to log on to facebook...

  2. The pics of Paul are great. His new nickname is Carbon.

  3. crap. i couldn't find the facebook-sanctioned link to pictures...but i did click the option for "everyone" to have access to view those albums...maybe Iona's pics don't work but mine do?

  4. I don't think I saw Iona's pics, only yours. Nothing happened when I clicked on the second "here." Maybe change the link to a different word.

  5. YAY Mer! I won't leave any suggestions, because it's your wedding... :) I will probably have questions. Like how big is it going to be? And it's at Trinity? Do you know where you're going to have the reception? I miss you! Have so much fun in France! xoxo

  6. yeah i couldn't see Iona's pictures either. I was going to guess he was an electron, so I guess that was close! How wonderful you are going to wear your mom's dress! And if you say you're pregnant, I'm going to scream!!!! A happy scream, though, of course.