Wednesday, January 10, 2007

finally, as promised

here are pics of our new car!

this is from the parking lot near the Cactus Cantina in DC near the National Cathedral, where Paul and I met my parents and Han on Sunday for a late lunch. Mom and Han wanted to show me some potential bridesmaids dress material they bought, which I didn't like, but I did like their idea for a layer of toulle in contrast color over a lighter fabric.

They also bought a few dress patterns which were all great, and I'm even more excited about these dresses now because I see how lovely and simple they'll be, but there's still so many options to choose from, and my bridesmaids could even pick out the neckline that best suits them! It's going to be so cool.

Oh, and also notice that the cherry blossoms are out in DC in MID-JANUARY. That's Han in the turquoise coat you see through the branches. It's been ludicrously warm lately, but today it's supposed to be in the 20's, so bye-bye little cherry blossoms...this spring will probably not be the best time to visit the cherry blossom festival, as all the blossoms will have bloomed and died by the end of this week. whoops.

One more thing: I switched the visual format because the other one, although I liked it a lot, was too skinny - I wanted my blog to span the window, not be crammed into a center column. It felt very squishy if I added any pictures. I like this much better.


  1. Nice car and tree pics. Wait until Hannah sees that you got her in it! Love you, as always.

  2. woah! your car body has the same body as our car! isn't it sleek? like a spaceship! you can zoom to work like george jetson. i love it. i feel very sad about the cherry blossoms and their ill-timed peek into the world.

  3. also, do you play this:

    i can't stop.

  4. do you need a 'feel your boobies' decal for the window? i just ordered more....have you learned to drive your car yet? i want to drive it!