Sunday, May 13, 2007

Much Activity and Fun-ness

Hello, friends.

I just got home from a very fun weekend filled with Pennsylvania family goodness.

Friday evening was dinner at my parent's house with them, Hannah, and Poppy; picnic food on the lovely, cool, breezy deck.
Saturday morning productive garage sale, where we got a TV stand & computer table for Hannah's new apartment, and I got to see the mom of an old childhood friend and walk around in the beautiful sunny weather looking at other people's junk.
Saturday just before noon I left for Pittsburg, where I spent the rest of the weekend.

At 3:30 Saturday I arrived at my cousin Katy's rugby game in Monroeville, after which we picked up her sister from the bus stop and joined the rugby team for beer and free food at the Rugger's Pub, a delighful establishment from which I now own a cool t-shirt, an early birthday present from Katy.
After that we headed back to Katy's apartment to change and beautify ourselves for the rest of the evening, Katy's birthday/bachelorette party! It was very much fun, involving lots of wonderful rubgy women, alcohol, bars, dancing, and cheering of Katy as she danced with another bachelorette at the same bar as our party. Katy and the rugby team all insist that Katy won, and I must admit, she danced much more enthusiastically. I think the other bachelorette was a bit frightened. Earlier in the evening, Katy amused us with many things, such as pressing a teammate's face into her boobs, tackling another teammate, rubbing another teammate's boobs, and failing to remove the shirt of her coach after a short struggle. Other highlights of the night were a yummy hot dog from a street vendor (Katy & I shared it, eating from opposite ends), and live jazz music and free popcorn at the last bar we went to.

This morning, Sunday, we woke up gradually during the 9:00 hour, pulled ourselves together, hydrated a bit, and headed to a very tasty vegetarian brunch place, at which $10 gets you an entree and all-you-can-eat buffett. It was delicious and satisfying, and much healthier than a typical greasy breakfast. After driving back to Katy's apartment one more time, I left P-burgh at 1:00 and got home here at 5:45.

Paul said he would be outside working on his bike when I got home, but he is not outside and neither is his bike, so I think he must be on the bike riding somewhere. When I am done with this post, I am going to peek in the fridge, think about dinner, and then go down to check if he's back on my way to walk over to Safeway for some veggies.

I was thinking a lot on my way home about all the many things I need to do in the next few months leading up to our wedding, and I think I want to do a blog about that soon. I also think I need to write a draft of a grad school admission essay, which I could work on and revise over the next year-ish in the hopes of talking my way into a part-time master's program once we are moved back to PA. First I need to get a timetable of events worked out.

Lot of excitement, stress, work, and wonderfulness start NOW and continue throughout the summer...I hope I can make it!!

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  1. Did Katy open wedding presents? I forgot to ask you about that on the phone.