Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Soliciting Ideas

My cousin has agreed to play the violin with my friend Crystal on the cello for my wedding!! I am so excited!

I need to find a violin & cello piece that's not too difficult but pretty and wedding-y...and NOT PACHABELL'S CANON IN D...oh, and if it also had a piano part, that would be OK too, because the organist would be able to sight-read it no problem.

I also need an SSA piece for my college friends & two other cousins to sing...again, with or without piano accompaniment, altho I think with the limited practice time, with piano would be preferable. I wonder if they'll let me into the music library at Trinity next time I'm up in PA...

I'm taking suggestions. I should also head to Foxes Music down the road here in VA and get them to help me...that would be good...they're very helpful in there.

I also need to compile my guest list and buy address lables and see if my printer will print them...I REALLY need to do that...

And now I really need to go to work, because it's late in the morning and I am a lazy bum.

1 comment:

  1. All good ideas. Start your follow-through immediately ;)