Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wedding Registry

I just barely started adding stuff, but here is a link to our webpage, which has links at the bottom to our registries:

Scroll to the bottom for Registry links

More to come!


  1. if you register at bed bad and beyond and say i sent you, i get a gift certificate!

  2. also, don't register for wine glasses or dish towels. i can assure you you will receive more than enough of them without registering. if you dont' register for them and DON'T receive more than you want, i'll personally buy you a set of wine glasses. (and by buy i mean give you one of my three spare boxes)

  3. but if I don't register for dish towels, I won't get them in coordinating colors to the rest of my kitchen!! Haha. JK, but I probably will register for one set, just in case, and so that hopefully I will have one dish towel at least that matches to put out when...i dunno...i have people over who might judge me based on the matching quality of my dish towels to the rest of my kitchen??