Saturday, February 16, 2008

Had a great Valentine's dinner at Confit. Even got to use the wine bag someone got us when Paul remembered we had it and thus didn't have to use the paper PLCB bag, yay! I was excited to have a wine bag, especially such a cute and decorative one. But now I have a bit of regret: when we had lunch at Confit with Johanna, Henry, and Crystal just after Christmas, we shared a large French Press coffee pot, and it was possibly the smoothest, tastiest coffee I've ever had, so I ordered a small pot to go with my sweet dessert tonight. Paul had one mug of coffee, and I had two, along with about 5 bites of my dessert. Now it's almost 1:30am, and I don't think I can fall asleep yet. I did get to watch 3 new episodes of "House" (2 actually new, the other new to me), and I also managed to produce a limerick comment to Katy's haiku post, so the evening is far from wasted. Did I mention dinner was incredibly delicious? I had roasted lamb.

Maybe I'll try to go to sleep now...

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