Friday, February 22, 2008


First of all, the best news of the week is that a very generous and nice photographer who is the father of a woman my mom works with, and who now owns the studio in Mechanicsburg that did my parents' wedding photos, is now in possession of all our wedding photos and is going to re-touch them all so they actually look like professional wedding photos. Once he's done, I will begin filling the albums and frames I've collected, and I'll be buying a few more albums and frames so I can give photos to everyone who needs them: My family, Paul's family, Becky the amazing dress-maker, members of the wedding party, and other family members. I'm quite relieved.

That's one issue with pictures; here is another: I take tons of pictures all the time, and then I don't show them to anyone for a while, so here's another chunk of catching up! Lots of different stuff. Captions of the photos are serving as the rest of my blog post.

Click here or on the title of this post to just look thru my Picasa albums yourself, or enjoy some new slideshows below.

At the end of this album is our finally-completed kitchen!

Some random fun stuff:

Lunar eclipse:

Bread I baked to take to Nawakwa book group:

...but since book group was postponed to April due to bad weather, I'm headed over to my parents' house to meet Paul, see Hannah, and eat the Dal soup my mom made to take to Nawakwa. We'll have ourselves a cozy, yummy evening!

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  1. Let me tell you...that bread was soooooo delicious with dal...the perfect snowy day meal.