Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Hard Drive

So I just went to transfer all the pictures from my camera to my computer, as I do periodically. But this time, halfway through the transfer, an error box popped up: "Insufficient Disk Space."

My hard drive is full.

I have a 60 GB hard drive, about 5 of which is taken up by the OS and other vital software. I have less than 300 MB available. I have filled up 55 GB.

I got this computer in May of 2005, just before I graduated from Juniata. I immediately set to work ripping every CD I owned into iTunes, and probably filled around 8 GB right then. I just checked, and I currently have just under 13 GB of music. My Pictures folder has 16.6 GB.

Paul just got home. Turns out, there was a lot of space taken up by various applications and games he had installed before he got his own computer. Now that we've deleted all those and emptied the trash, I have over 5 GB available. Still not much, but at least I can finish downloading my camera pictures so that I can show you the little shrug I crocheted. Picasa link coming soon.

We still haven't really solved what's taking up that remaining 30+ GB...and Paul and I have been talking about getting an external hard drive anyway, so now we will definitely do that soon. Paul thinks he can hook one up to our wireless network so that we can both access it, and then we could keep all of our music on there, and merge our iTunes libraries. Is that a milestone in our relationship?

New pics are up on my Picasa page:


  1. That maple/wisteria is an amazing sight.

  2. whoah, first of all the shrug is totally cute. then, did you enjoy 3 cups of tea? it's four books down on my stack. (i've been piling books since i started grad school and am now actually making headway into the pile!!!)

  3. Read Three Cups of Tea, Katy, and tell me if you think that guy should win the Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. I certainly think Greg Mortenson is more deserving of a Nobel Prize than, say, Al Gore...but anyway, it was a worthwhile read with some very good parts, altho I petered out towards the end.