Friday, May 02, 2008

I heart weekends.

Fun time yesterday on my date with Kel. I hope we do that a lot. And Paul put down the quarter-round in our dining room, so with a teeny bit more organization in the living room, we could be ready for dinner guests!

Also had fun at choir last night - everyone loved my shrug, which I wore yesterday! I will post a pic soon. I'm pretty excited to own a piece of clothing that I made myself. It's pretty neat.

Tonight is dinner & Hershey Symphony with Mom A...yay!

Tomorrow I think Paul and I might actually just have an open Saturday together...time to go to the farmer's market, finish some gardening, go on a walk, clean...should be nice. Next weekend is Han's graduation, and now we're all going up on Friday evening (Mom, Dad, Gommy, me, and now including Paul...Poppy is coming up the next morning, and I think he might be bringing his lady friend, so I will get to meet her). So anyway, that will be really nice because we'll all go to dinner Friday night and now Paul will be along too. We'll sleep on the flip-out couch at Han's apartment, and drive the Matrix to give her a little extra room to pack things up the next day. And then I'll have a girlfriend and a sister nearby again! So happy.

Time for work...let's see if I can get Paul up in time to run to Giant with me for some breakfast.


  1. whoah! poppy has a lady friend? good for him! that's awesome. i wonder what an "open saturday" might look like? i think i can almost remember...