Monday, September 29, 2008

Exciting news update!

I got a new job!! Tomorrow I take a drug test, and next week once they've done my background check and confirmed my offer, I will fomally resign from my current job and set an official last day, although I told my supervisor today.

That was the part I was most nervous about, but she was totally cool with it and happy for me, and said I could call her any time and she'd have a spot for me! So I am totally psyched out that I am going to get to start all over, do something totally different, make more money, and I haven't even burned any bridges! How awesome is that. I don't even know how I got to be so lucky.

As an added perk, I am now working for a company that you might have actually heard of, EDS (Electronic Data Systems, founded by Ross Perot), that was recently bought by a company you've almost definitely heard of, HP (Hewlett-Packard, maker of many computers and printers)! Even better, I am now able to explain to you in a fairly simple and clear manner what it is that I actually DO for a living!

I am a Data Analyst: I will be doing statistical analysis on Medicare data to look for fraud indicators. I will be spending lots of time with databases, Excel spreadsheets, and pivot tables, which I love. Sound boring? Go stuff it in your ear, because I'm excited about it. I love spreadsheets and pivot tables, and I get to leave behind all the stress from my old job and start fresh. I'm sure I'll eventually have just as much stress at the new job, but at least it will be new stress and I'll get to start from zero again. I am seriously seriously excited. Yay for newness!

If everything goes well, then 3 years down the road when I'm starting to get bored with this job, by then we'll have bought a house and Paul will be mostly finished with his Engineering degree, and I'll start looking into becoming a teacher. Also, I kind of want to have a baby by 3 years from now, so we'll see. Life could be pretty different. In a good way.

What with that, and going to California with Paul in two days, and having television again, I'd say it's been an exciting and productive week! Paul's favorite part of the day was realizing that he can now watch Jeopardy every night and Nova on Tuesdays. Unfortunately for me, Nova is on at the same time as House, but I don't mind watching House online if watching Nova makes Paul that happy.

Right now Paul is doing his math homework. I've helped him a tiny bit with a few problems, and it's so much fun! For me, that is. I don't think Paul's minding it too much either, though.

And now...good night.


  1. wow!! congrats, mer and happy birthday, paul! have fun in CA and i want to hear about your job...