Thursday, September 04, 2008


I have some ranting to do about Giuliani's speech from last night, one part in particular (can you say "blatant fear mongering"?), but since it's much more fresh in my mind I'm going to gripe about one part of McCain's speech (and the entire Republican convention in general).

I hate special interest stories.

McCain, about 10 minutes ago, talked about a few specific families and their specific problems. Then he said that they needed someone in the white house who would care about them, and that he was that person. The implication is, apparently, that Obama wouldn't care about them? So what, Obama wants them to have these problems?? Of course not! Obama wants to help those people and everyone else just as much as McCain does, he just has different ideas about how to do it. McCain telling those stories tells us NOTHING about himself, his opponent, or the differences between them; it is purely rhetoric and propaganda, meant only to manipulate people's feelings, and is nothing more than a slightly more subtle form of the fear mongering Giuliani employed during his speech last night.

At least McCain didn't also employ the ridiculous level of immature name-calling, but I'm sorry to say his speech had only slightly more substantial content than Giuliani's.

Also: after all the ridicule he's taken from his over-use of the topic of 9/11, I found it hilarious as well as infuriating that Giuliani felt the need to point out, as if it were a bad thing, that the Democrats didn't talk about 9/11 enough at their convention. REALLY?? The Republicans have mentioned terrorism a lot (A LOT a lot), but I think Giuliani is the only one who's made much mention of 9/11. What an idiot.

And finally, do you think they could possibly fit in one more detailed description of McCain's torture as a POW? I haven't heard a speaker yet who hasn't at least summarized that story. It's admirable, and it shows some important things about his character, but it has NOTHING to do with his ability to be a good president in terms of policy.

Unfortunately I think the republicans have a reasonable shot at winning. I certainly hope not, but I have to admit it. So please, please please please, vote for Obama. Don't be sucked in by the empty propaganda and emotional manipulation of the Republicans.


  1. I feel compelled to point out that Obama also had the same sort of special interest stories.

    However, Giuliani's speech was horrifically offensive and below the belt. Unfortunately I missed McCain's.

  2. McCain's wasn't too useful either way. And you're right about Obama, so let me emphasize that I hate them no matter which political party is employing them. Possible exception if the family is very normal in some important way, and/or if the candidate uses the story to illustrate exactly how one of his policies will help a large group of people.

  3. I agree that it is both ridiculous and uncuthe for any politician to discuss terrorism, or protecting our masses from those who want to harm us.

    Please vote for Obama... pretty please? Please? O Please o Please?

    After all, He is the best choice He must have done something good along the way... and He doesn't rattle on about protecting our citizens from terrorism and (rolling eyes) all that "scary stuff"!

  4. Is the anonymous commenter being sarcastic? Random...

  5. PS: having an intelligent discussion about the threat of terrorism is not the same thing as bringing up 9/11 in every irrelevant situation in an attempt to scare people into voting for you. The implication that electing Obama will somehow leave us all more vulnerable to terrorism than if we elect McCain is simply ridiculous, and is nothing more than fear mongering.

    If you're going to make sarcastic comments on my blog, at least have the decency to identify yourself, and preferably don't say anything at all if you're just going to be insubstantial and ambiguously sarcastic.