Monday, December 29, 2008


My apartment feels extremely super much nicer.  Still a little work to do in the dining room & kitchen, but in general things are all neat and tidy, and New Year's Resolution #1 is to keep it that way. NYRs #2-4 are, of course, to be more active, eat less, and lose weight. It sure would be nice to fit into my jeans from last year, and to fit into my capri pants by summer so I have something to wear at Family Camp.

Time for a quick shower, real clothing, and then out to dinner and a movie with Keith and Mindy.  Our usual Monday night crowd is otherwise occupied, so it's just the four of us and we decided to change things up.  I'm looking forward to lots of movie popcorn with plenty of cancer-causing butter flavoring, and then seeing if I hate Benjamin Button as much as Katy did.

Tomorrow I'm really looking forward to a relaxing day with my Mom, lounging around at her house knitting and crocheting all day. Also hopefully I'll stop by Salvation Army to drop off a few sweaters and some votive holders someone gave me that I've never taken out of the box, and JC Penny to see if they'll exchange the pants I've only worn a few times that have a broken side zipper. If not, then maybe my Mom will try to sew in a new zipper for me, which could also work and might even be easier.

Wednesday we head down to Cary, North Carolina with Kelly and Reed for New Year's Eve with Rachel, Kelly, and Luke. I'm super excited for that, it should be a fun little trip. And by "little" I mean "14 hours round-trip and less than 20 hours in NC." But this is the kind of crazy thing we need to do in these last couple of years before we have babies!

Thursday we'll have brunch with Rachel, Kelly, and Luke before heading home.

Friday will hopefully be relaxing again, with maybe a little more cleaning and hopefully more knitting and crocheting.

Saturday Paul works, so maybe I'll be able to go hang out with my Mom some more.

Sunday afteroon I'm hoping for a hike, or at least a long walk.

Then I guess I have to go back to work. Ah, well. It's been a great vacation.

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