Sunday, January 04, 2009


Paul & I went to North Carolina to visit Rach, Kelly, Luke, Sarah, and Matt for New Year's Eve. Rachel and Shawn were there too! It was lots of fun! Pictures here.

Football is over, but we didn't want to give up our fun Monday evenings, so Kelly, Reed, Mindy, and Keith are coming over tomorrow night anyway. I got snacks at Wegman's since my mom said the quiches she got were so good, and I made the dip that Aunt Judy gave me the mix for. Also I got more of that artichoke lemon pesto that everyone liked so much, since I was at Wegman's. So we have four different yummy snacks, plus salsa if we want...Oh, and celery and carrot sticks.

New Year's resolutions:

1. Keep apartment neat and clean - so far so good, it's nice and clean now!
2. Eat less and exercise more - meh, so far I've eaten a bit less maybe, but hope to start exercising this week in the gym at work
3. Buy a house - going to go read more "Home buying for dummies" right now, and we're planning to take the first time home buyer's class in March that Susan recommended.
4. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier - implementing that NOW by going to bed at 9:30, hope to be asleep by 10:30. Readysetgo!

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