Monday, January 19, 2009

Winning and losing

The Eagles lost, so no all PA Super Bowl. Bummer.

But the Steelers won, so I have a team to cheer for! Yay!!

I didn't win the knitting giveaway I entered, which is fine because I wasn't really excited about anything but the yarn. And maybe the wooden crochet hook.

But I did win my Ebay bid for the interchangeable knitting needles, so hopefully by late this week I will have just about all the knitting needles I'll ever need! Yay. Super sweet. And then I will start knitting a kid-sized raglan sweater!

Poll for everyone: who has a kid that can wear a 26" circumference sweater, or grow into one by next winter? I'm making the first one out of plain off-white un-dyed wool. Might look cute on a boy over a collared shirt? I'm sure I'll post lots of pics once I get it started! In the mean time, I want to see pics of Katy's first sweater!

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