Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Wednesday Off

My first Wednesday off of work for my alternative work schedule was a total success.  The weather was gorgeous, so after sleeping in until 8:30, I made two over easy fried egg sandwiches for me and Paul, and then I spent the rest of the morning outside.

I planted the mini daffodils Sarah sent home with me after Jeneane's baby shower, and then filled up the big white pots they had been sitting in and planted the bok choi and kale seedlings I started from seed, along with the last two cabbage plants, because I think it will look really pretty all together until I eat it all!!  And I'm all about my veggies being ornamental and bringing beauty to my backyard until I eat them!  My hands were way too grubby to take pictures of the newly potted veg, but here's one I took earlier of a kholrabi looking fine:

Then I had my hair cut and styled, and went straight to PENNDOT to renew my driver's license.  As I hoped, this is my best DL photo ever.  Totally the way to do it.  Side note: how is the DMV that busy on a random Wednesday afternoon?  I thought I'd beat the crowds by going in the middle of a weekday.  It was still pretty quick and painless though.

Then I came home and went with Paul to finally move our safe deposit box from New Cumberland to a bank closer to our house, and on the way to open the new box we stopped at Starbucks for half-price Frappuccinos (3-5:30pm daily through May 15...Starbucks should probably be paying me).  Of course that was delightful.  I have been 100% disciplined and have not stopped at starbucks at all, even on my most crabby mornings when I am craving it, which is especially amazing since I drive right past it every day.  Most days I have to sit and wait at the traffic light and stare at Starbucks, often with the entrance just an easy swoop to the left instead of continuing to wait at the light.  I went for my free coffee on Earth Day, and haven't been back until today.  Totally worth it, and I enjoyed my frap even more since I haven't had one in so long!

We came home and put bacon in the oven for BLTs, and I even picked a few leaves of baby spinach from the garden to augment the lettuce!  Plus we were eating them on Paul's fabulous home baked bread.  Then Paul went with me to training class with Juno, because next week he's going to take her on his own so I can go to bell choir rehearsal.

So now we're home for the evening and since we've already eaten dinner (quite early for us), we are looking forward to a calm, lazy evening catching up on some Big Bang Theory and finishing off a pint of Hans Vanilla Bean Frozen Custard!  I am definitely going to enjoy this alternate work schedule all summer.  It turns out getting up at 6am is easy when you go to bed before 10pm and it's already starting to get light at 6.  Also?  I think I could be happy running a small farm for a living...anyone want to help me with the start-up capital?  If you do, you can have free veggies for life!  Just look at my handiwork thus far:


  1. you should touch base with my friend margaret of One Woman Farm beforeyou commit to solo farming (something is wrong with the spacing and, thus, German-style combined words). Anyway, her farm's website is: maybe she'll inspire you to change your life path!

  2. bah! website didn't post: