Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Update: Garden fresh meals

Dinner Saturday (while our power was out for going on 48 hours): Parmesan flatbread made from pizza dough thawed from the freezer-cum-plastic storage cupboard, paired with a huge salad of fresh lettuces from the garden topped with diced cucumber, chic peas, green olives, flax seeds, and gazebo room dressing. Delicious!

Yesterday's lunch: a wrap consisting of homemade hummus (Paul is such a pro at this now!), the rest of the diced cucumber from Saturday's dinner, more green olives, broccosprouts deli blend (I am so in love...haven't attempted growing my own sprouts yet though), and of course more baby greens from the garden!

Today's lunch: another wrap with the same hummus, half an avocado (they're way too expensive but I love them sooooooo much), sprouts, and another huge bunch of fresh lettuce picked this morning!

Witness the lettuce in all its glory:

I really love taking Juno out in the backyard in the morning and letting her run around for a bit while I pick lettuce. Although this morning she just came and sat near me (as long as I wasn't looking at her too much), so she must have still been tired from being out for a long time yesterday afternoon in the heat. But regardless, it's a great way to start the morning, and I hope I can keep it up all summer!

Juno enjoying the backyard while we garden:

I took a lot of garden pics yesterday, so now I'm all caught up with documentation of what's growing. All I still need to do (besides, you know, tend the garden on a daily basis) is get some more garden stakes to label the squash and tomato varieties. Soon!

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