Friday, November 04, 2011

Oh Baby

So. Wow. It's been about 4.5 months since I last blogged. I have been meaning to remedy that, but...well, I guess I've just felt fulfilled by twitter and facebook. It sure is easier to post pictured on facebook, let me tell you!

But I've been feeling like I needed a longer format, and after last night, I knew it was time. Last night my wonderful choir family at Trinity Lutheran Church threw us our first baby shower. There isn't anyone reading this blog who wouldn't already know that I'm pregnant, but seeing as I haven't actually posted that on the blog yet, just in case: Yup! We've known since about a month before my previous post. I'm just a few days shy of 6 months. 3rd trimester! Ack! So crazy. I also just noted today that I'm officially under 100 days until my due date (although most likely still over 100 days until my actual delivery date, judging from family and friends' experiences with first pregnancies).

As it is for many couples, pregnancy has been pretty surreal. Finding out that IT'S A GIRL was a big milestone for me, along with seeing her squirming all around during the ultrasound, and beginning to feel movement shortly after that was another one. But last night, getting all these baby gear gifts, and especially holding up adorable outfit after adorable outfit? That really brought it home for me. Especially after we got home and stacked it all in the designated Baby Gear Area in the 2nd bedroom, and I revisited some of the outfits. I was holding them up and realizing that in a little over 3 months, I am going to have a little person to put into these outfits. To fill up these outfits. I will be holding these outfits with a warm, squirmy little body in them. And that will be my daughter! It's amazing to think about, and mind-boggling.

My choir family at Trinity has made pregnancy special from the beginning, not just by throwing a shower for us. This is not a replacement for thank-you cards (don't roll your eyes at me, Jane H, I WILL write you another thank-you card whether you like it or not!), but seeing as I can't write a whole exposition in every little card, I wanted to share it here. I have loved hearing everyone's stories about their experiences, their memories of being pregnant and having their children, their advice, and their weekly inquiries about how I'm feeling. I loved choir before, but this whole experience has just magnified everything! It's been such a blessing.

So anyway...I have a whole lot more to muse about my pregnancy experience, picking items for a registry, planning for the nursery, and expectations/hopes/wishes for starting life as a family once Baby Girl arrives, but my wonderful choir family was at the top of my mind. I've had an amazing support group of friends and family members as well, but I feel better about my ability to express my appreciation to each of them individually. Now to see if Facebook is still slurping up my blog posts so that I can tag all the choir people...

Hopefully more posts to come soon! I want to get back in the habit before February, when I'll want to start, you know, documenting my daughter's life.

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