Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Fun

It is upon us! Paul is starting his 3rd week at camp, my parents are on vacation in Peru, and I am feeling like I might not be able to handle taking care of our house all alone AND getting done some of the big crafty & DIY projects AND keeping up with the garden! But so far I've held it together, just haven't gotten much extra done.

Visiting Rachel was awesome...I had so much fun that I didn't even take any photos.

I have all the stuff for making the headboard, now I just have to DO it...that might get started this Thursday evening, we'll see.

Last night I finally harvested a Bok Choi, which had TWO little caterpillars nesteled in its leaves laying little green eggs that looked like fish roe. I washed them all off and threw away the worst bits, and everything ended up just peachy. I sauteed some sesame seeds and onion in a bit of canola oil, then added the chopped up bok choi and some sesame oil, and sauteed that until it was all soft. Then I added the quinoa I had cooked, a little bit more oil, and stir-fried it like rice. It was pretty delicious! I am definitely going to start buying more quinoa. Too bad it's quite a bit more expensive than rice...but...worth it, because it's a heck of a lot healthier. And we'll still use rice plenty often too, I'm sure.

Saturday, Paul's friend Nate was in town, so we took him with us to a gathering at the B's house, where we ate a lot of delicious food and played foursquare. No, not the social networking stalker app, but the elementary school playground game. No kidding. It was so much fun! Rachel got the idea somehow, and invited us all over, to great success. It was a perfect party game because it rotates players pretty quickly, so everyone could play without having to stand around watching for long, and it was easy to rotate between kid-watching and playing as well, because it didn't matter much who was in when. And there's the perfect amount of movement so that you are getting some excercise without feeling like you can't keep up, and best of all, it wasn't a game that anyone felt like they were at a disadvantage - everyone could play well enough to make it to the top spot now and then! It was really a ton of fun. I still need to upload the pics I took.

This Wednesday I'll finally spend visiting Nawakwa, so I am definitely looking forward to that!

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