Sunday, November 22, 2015

Single Parenting Log, Day 2: mid-afternoon

Max did not miraculously sleep through the night, and neither did PJ, but after a very full day and bedtime help from Mimi, both kids got to sleep and I then got myself to sleep a bit early (10:30) so the 1:00am nursing and then 5am wake-up call wasn't the worst thing ever. Both kids were briefly in bed with me, but that didn't last long, and by 6:00am, PJ was watching Octonauts and Max was playing happily in the living room with her, so I went back to bed for about 40 minutes and then took a shower, and even got us all to church *almost* in time for the start of Sunday School. Disclaimer: PJ strongly insisted she did NOT want to go to big kid Sunday School, so both kids played in the nursery instead while I went to the budget forum.

Now I have achieved a double nap, which feels pretty amazing, and I'm posting this as I finish my lunch. Then I'll be spending any remaining nap time trying to climb the mountain of dishes in my kitchen! I'm proud of that mountain: I made dinner for six before leaving for the Wild Kratts Creature Christmas pajama party, after a morning play date.

Here is where I might say, "this single parenting thing isn't so tough!" But no, it really is; I do not think I could keep it up for more than a few days without becoming a crazed, grumpy, yelling mess.

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