Monday, November 23, 2015

Single Parenting Log, Day 3: nighttime

PAUL GETS HOME TOMORROW EVENING! We are in the home stretch! My mom is coming over here before breakfast tomorrow, so I'm pretty much home-free once we make it thru tonight.

This morning actually went quite well: PJ let me sleep till my alarm, and then we all got breakfast and ready and out the door with a few minutes to spare and minimal conflict. But Max nursed at 1:00am, 3:30(?)am, and 6:00am, an extra time, and PJ showed up in my room after 1:00am with her fuzzy blanket in tow and spent the rest of the night in my bed. But she actually went right back to sleep, slept thru both other nursings, and also slept thru me moving her legs out of my way, and me rolling over and poking her in the face on what felt to me like her closed eye. So I slept fine even with her there.

Bed time was a bit dicey tonight, with PJ getting upset about everything and nothing, and Max not going to sleep at all until quarter to ten. PJ did a lot of stalling, the culmination of which was insisting she needed a bandaid on her finger ("it REALLY hurts"), and then after minutely pointing out the spot that "really hurt" on her left pointer finger, as I began to apply the bandaid, she said, "oh, I mean *this* finger hurts," and indicated her right thumb instead. That's the thumb she sucks, tho, so I was able to talk her into putting the bandaid on the original finger.

Since Max was so very not sleepy, he played on the floor in the living room while I signed into my work computer to finish up a document, and was crying for me by the time I was done, so then went to sleep pretty easily. I needed to get that work done anyway, and having him there kept me focused and more efficient.

Now that both kiddos are sleeping, I'm getting myself to sleep ASAP too. Maybe Max will sleep past 1:00am since he just nursed before his late bedtime tonight. Maybe I can get 3 or, dare I even wish it, 4 hours of sleep in a row tonight! We shall see...

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