Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Sorry for the slightly pompous title, but I am just having such a great birthday already, I had to gush:

Got two cards, one from Steph and one from Kelly D, on Wednesday; Thursday, my co-workers surprised me with cupcakes and tickets to DC Improv, and later they sang Happy Birthday to me! The tickets are from two of my co-workers who are now good friends of mine, and the three of us are going to DC Improv next Friday, including dinner in the "showroom," where we'll get to sit for the show! I'm so excited, I've never been to live comedy before, let alone with dinner and drinks! I can't believe how awesome my friends at work are. Today will be filled with shopping and wedding planning, and then dinner this evening with my parents, grandfather, and Paul. So exciting! Then tomorrow it's off to Schwenksville for Katy's wedding rehearsal, dinner, and then her wedding on Sunday! What a super-fun four-day weekend. I am so lucky! Oh, and Paul said Happy Birthday to me first today, followed closely by a text message from Steph. I feel so loved!!

In other news, I finished HP3 last night, and I have one more interesting fact to relate: Harry insists that Sirius and Lupin not kill Wormtail so that the Dementors can have him instead. After Wormtail gets away, Harry tells Dumbledore that it will now be his fault if Voldemort comes back to power, since it was Harry that saved Wormtail's life, and Dumbledore says:
"This is magic at its deepest, its most impenetrable, Harry. But trust me...the time may come when you will be very glad you saved Pettigrew's life."
Dumbledore then explains that when one wizard saves another's life, it creates a bond between them, and one is in the other's debt.

I don't think this debt has come up again yet, so I bet in book 7 something will happen where Wormtail is forced to save Harry's life somehow.

I know all this stuff has been discovered by many others, and it's probably all mentioned in that mugglenet book, but I haven't read any of that, which is why I'm re-reading the books so that I can hopefully find some juicy stuff on my own. If anyone has the mugglenet book, tho...I wouldn't mind borrowing it...

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!!

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