Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Super Fun Weekend

So after my pre-birthday birthday post, my birthday only got better! I got the new Khaled Husseini book, A Thousand Splendid Suns (the guy who wrote The Kite Runner) from my mom - she has it now, because she really wanted to read it and I said I wasn't going to read it until I was done with all the Harry Potter's.

Speaking of the HP's, Paul's mom reads my blog, so she got me's "What Will Happen in Book 7," which I'm excited for. I've read the first few chapters, but I'm going to wait to read the rest until I've re-read all the HP books so that I know what they're talking about. Right now there's a lot I don't remember from 5 and 6 because I've only read them once (book 6) or twice (book 5).

I also got my new camera from Paul, and it is wonderful. I crocheted a nice little case for it, but then my cousin who has the same camera wanted it, so I gave it to her and crocheted myself another one.

Speaking of cousins, my cousin's wedding was so much fun! The flute playing went smoothly, the rain held off until during the reception which was under a tent, there was an open bar with lots of liquor and some very worthy bartenders (yummy cosmos and various other girly drinks), and I got to hang out and be giggle with my mom and aunts and other relatives, and see my little cousin Ananda who is now two years old and so so cute! It was most fun. My mom got tipsy, and she danced! It was great. And Katy and Corey, the bride and groom, smashed glasses and we got to do the whole "Hava Nagila" circle dance where you lift the bride and groom into the air on chairs! It was great, and I got lots of nice pics with my new camera.

Pics to I must get ready to ride my bike to work, finally. I didn't have my bike for the last two weeks, and it's finally back. Yay. I need to start losing more weight...time to lay the smack down on plans for my wedding, which is only 3 MONTHS AWAY. OMG. yeah.

Dinner out with the RELC young adults tonight...DC Improv with Sarah & Jeneane on Friday night...tie-dye with a Nawakwa family member on Sunday afternoon...Juniata College alumni weekend & choir reunion next much to do!!

94 days until my wedding!


  1. Where are you tye-dying on Sunday, and with whom? My inquiring mind is curious.

  2. with the oldest Kerr daughter, Karen, at her house which is near rt. 7 between Leesburg and McLean. I had dinner there way back in 2005 with Melanie after I started my job - it's a big, gorgeous house! We are tie-dying sheets to use as VBS decorations.