Saturday, July 05, 2008

Herbs are Growing!

Look at that basil grow! I hope I can eat it by the end of the summer...I also hope it doesn't attract the masses of japanese beetles that my mom's did a couple summers ago - that was so gross.

I'm not growing anything as exciting as my cousin Katy is, but we do also have a pepper plant out back that is getting flowers. We have TONS of bumblebees, so hopefully they'll visit the pepper plant so that I don't have to help the flowers have flower sex like Katy did.

Next post: Whip It Up Week 1! Coming Monday, 7 July (not June, thanks Mom!). Yes, I have discovered blogger's auto-publish feature.


  1. Do you mean it is coming 7 JULY?

  2. Thanks, fixed it!

    It smells good in my apartment, I think Paul must have made himself breakfast while I was at church. And Hannah is coming to make dinner tonight, so it will continue to smell nice!