Sunday, July 27, 2008


I got a wok at The Restaurant Store like I said in the last post!

Paul and I made a trip there on Saturday. We got two half sheet pans, one quarter sheet pan, and one grate of each size. The quarter sheet pan fits perfectly in our toaster oven, which is great because we frequently use that instead of the big oven when we're only cooking for the two of us, because it doesn't heat up the kitchen as much and it uses less energy. Of course, now that it's summer we also use the grill outside for the same reason.

Anyway, the wok. We wanted a smaller one (since we have a smaller kitchen), and one with handles on both sides. We didn't want a non-stick one, and the pre-seasoned steel woks only had one long handle. So we got a shiny steel one that has short handles on two sides, and we'll get to use it until it turns all black on its own. Yum! And since we have a gas stove it will work with the little ring stand (the wok isn't flat on the bottom so it can't sit up on its own). I'm quite excited to try the lo mein recipe again with a real wok, which means I'll have enough room to actually toss the noodles around a bit instead of just stirring them carefully in a pot that's too small.

So yay for a wok! And brand-new shiny sheet pans! And grates for cooling cookies and baking bacon (the only way to do it - all the crispy deliciousness and so much less grease)! But for Whip It Up week 4, I need to find a new fun recipe, and it probably won't use the wok. Plus I have my Motorcycle Safety Course for the next two weeks on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, so I won't be doing too much complicated cooking. I'll aim for my next WIU post on Tuesday, cuz otherwise I'll be doing it really late in the evening and I'll be all tired out from the motorcycle class!

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