Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Getting comfy

Starting on my second week back at work in the office full time, and things are definitely starting to feel comfortably routine.  Don't get me wrong, every evening we're doing something different--gardening, walking to Hans Frozen Custard, going shopping--but we've implemented a bed time for PJ around 8:00 PM, so we try to be home by 7:00 or so, then I bathe her and nurse her and put her to bed while Paul makes dinner, then we eat and watch some Netflix, and finally right before bed I pump one more time.

As long as I pump 3 times per day at work most days (2 times is OK on occasion in a pinch) and always pump that extra time before bed, I'm breaking even or coming away with a slight surfeit every day, which is totally great.  I am commuting to Baltimore for some training next Tuesday and Wednesday (NOT overnight), which I was nervous about, but now I know it'll be fine.

After about 3 weeks of waking up every night in the 2:00 or 3:00 hour to nurse, PJ is back to sleeping 8 to 9.5 hours per night for the past 4 nights, which is totally awesome.  And she was super fussy for Paul all day yesterday, but today was back to normal.  She is so amazing, I love spending time with her laying naked on the changing table (her most favorite thing to do) and watching her kick and squirm and smile and squeal and make all kinds of cute sounds and faces.  She makes eye contact with me the whole time too.  And then that extends into bath time, which is getting easier and more fun as she gets closer to sitting up!  (That's still a month or two away, but you can tell it's coming!)

Speaking of milestones, we haven't hit any more lately, but she is getting a lot better at finding her thumb when she wants to.  She still doesn't often want to, but when she does...

I bought an album to make a baby book, but that's just one of MANY little DIY and crafty things on my to-do list...first I need to finish addressing and sending the last batch of birth announcements, finish my Mom's Christmas present picture for her bathroom, hem and hang 5 pairs of curtains, get caught up with uploading pictures from the dSLR to Facebook (including organizing the folders for the weekly photo), re-pot and otherwise tend to a few houseplants...and that's not even including big house things, like cleaning up the disaster that is our second bedroom.  Sheesh!

But first, bed time.  Tomorrow we get to introduce Penelope to Johanna et. al., and I can't wait!  What to dress her in...hmm...

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