Thursday, May 10, 2012

On A Roll

See, it's a double meaning, because I'm blogging for the 3rd time this week, and Penelope knows how to roll over!

Baby junk reading on milestones (I generally avoid the crap about parenting on sites like Baby Center, but sometimes I cave in...just, whatever you do, NEVER venture into the comments section.  It will suck you into a vortex of stupidity.  Kind of like Fox News...) says belly-to-back is often the first roll, but Penelope got all her head-holding practice by hanging out with us because she wouldn't tolerate two seconds of tummy time, so her first roll was back-to-front.  Paul said a couple of days ago that he was pretty sure she had rolled belly-to-back, but today he actually witnessed it!  She wouldn't perform for me at all this evening, but it seems we officially have a baby who can roll.  I didn't ask which direction she rolled belly-to-back, so I don't know if she's in danger of being on the other side of the room if we turn our backs quite yet, but the punchline is: there needs to be some baby-proofing or at least baby-fortification happening this weekend, because she could start rolling all over the place any day!  I am in serious disbelief at how fast this has happened.  I guess it all started with the nurses and lactation consultants commenting on her amazing head control as a day-old newborn!

She had also been eating three pretty big bottles during the day when I was at work, way more than I could pump in a day, and now that Paul's done with classes for the summer I was pretty worried it was going to be more than I could keep up with even with extra pumping on evenings and weekends.  But I did some reading and told Paul to try only offering her no more than 4 oz and change to start out, and only give her more if she was still hungry, and now the past two days she's eaten only 2 bottles the entire day I was gone, under 8 oz.  This is partly due to eating more overnight, I think, because she's been waking up to nurse around 3 am for a couple of weeks now, and then she eats a lot in the evenings when I'm home, so I think it's kind of like reverse-cycling light, since I still only have to feed her once overnight.  I also think she just finished up a growth spurt,  So our new strategy + lucky timing with other things, and I'm back to being not too worried about keeping up with pumping.   I did have to go back to 3 times a day, though, because even though I got just as much with 2 session spaced farther apart for a couple of days, it ended up decreasing my supply, so my results gradually diminished.  I have to do 3x a day to keep the girls producing!  But it's also good to know I can "cheat" one day here and there when I need to and cut out a pumping!

Speaking of which, I'm done with the evening session, so it's time for bed!  Until my 2:45 AM wake-up call...

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