Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Milestones

The only new milestone lately is PJ demonstrating her first projectile spit-up.  Not exactly one for the record books.  But I wanted to make sure I got a few general timing things written down somewhere, so here we go...

By around 2 months of age, PJ was on 100% breast milk and 100% cloth diapers, weighed 9 lbs 4 oz, and was almost 22 inches long.

By 3 months of age, she had passed 10 lbs 6 oz; she was baptized on April 29th:
She was really starting to get talented at babbling, shrieking, and making a variety of vowel sounds, and her favorite place to do chat was laying on her changing table, preferably naked.  She occasionally would manage to grab the handle of the musical frog on her bouncy seat & play the song:
On May 5th, she rolled over back-to-belly for the first time, and by 3 1/2 months had pretty reliably found her thumb and started to suck it regularly.

She also started to roll onto her belly at night, so she's been mostly a belly sleeper since then, with the possible exception of nights I put her down when she's already fast asleep.
But my favorite thing to start happening this month are the HUGE smiles and happy kicks and shrieks I get when I come home from work and she sees me for the first time.  She's been smiling for a while, but now she can do it all the time and does it a LOT.

Now she's 4 months old, 12 pounds, sleeps as much as 10 1/2 hours a night, LOVES baths (lots of smiling and kicking and happy noises), still loves to talk while naked on her changing table but also talks a lot anywhere she is, especially if you're engaging her face-to-face but often even if she's just playing by herself in her bouncy seat; she successfully grabs the pull on the frog to play "Five Green and Speckled Frogs" when she's in her bouncy seat, and is very proud of herself for doing it; seems to have stopped rolling belly-to-back, but rolls back-to-belly all the time (even when she doesn't want to do tummy time); has a reliable strategy for finding her thumb: she drags her right hand across her face until the thumb pops into her mouth, but she still doesn't quite grasp that when she waves her arms, that will remove her thumb from her mouth, so she spends some time popping it in and then losing it over and over until she calms down enough to relax and leave it there; just in the last few days, I've found her awake and hanging out on her belly in her crib in the mornings, so apparently now she wakes up and doesn't feel the need to let us know right away!

Along with her first-ever projectile spit-up last night, she had her first low-grade fever today, presumably as a result of the 2nd round of vaccines she got yesterday at her 4 month well-baby visit.  But after an extra-long afternoon nap and a big meal from Mommy, she seemed back to her usual self this evening, and went to bed with her usual no fuss tonight.  She's recently started to try to lean forward when she's propped up, so hopefully the next big milestone will be sitting up!

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