Thursday, October 04, 2007

Apartment update

Quality of life update: We have a new DVD player, so we can now actually watch the 3 Netflix DVDs that showed up Tuesday, two days after we first signed up. Thanks for getting Paul that Sears gift cert for his birthday, Megan! It will be nice to have a DVD player that doesn't crap out halfway thru the movie every time.

Home improvement update: Paul has installed a few 3-prong outlets so that we can plug in most of our appliances that have the third prong, and he's also installed new light switches in most locations that had the scary old push-button ones. Better yet, he is planning to sand the dining room floor tomorrow so that we will be one step closer to having a lovely natual wood dining room floor. The plan for the weekend is for me (and Paul if he's done sanding) to go price-comparison shopping for a washer, dryer, and microwave at Home Depot, Lowes, Whirlpool, and Mumma Appliance. We might also run by Walmart and Target. Since the West Shore Best Buy isn't opened yet, I'm doing pricing from them online right now.

My bed time update: It is. I'm going. Work by 8:00 tomorrow, so awake by 7:00. Good night.

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