Monday, October 15, 2007

Still living out of boxes

Friday we got a new BIG toaster oven at Kohls (on sale!), Sunday we went to Ikea and got three cabinets for the kitchen and two for the dining room and a tall floor cabinet for beside the fridge in the dining room, and today we went to Home Depot and bought paint (three gallons of white with a hint of yellow for living room and bedroom, two gallons of a rich dark gold for dining room, and white for trim), painting supplies, and a microwave with a fan that will go over the stove.

It will be another week or two until we're done paining, and then we will FINALLY be able to unpack and start living in our apartment. We still need to get some low cabinets with countertop for the kitchen, and set up some clothing storage options for the bedroom. I can't wait until the painting is done so that we can actually make our apartment feel like home, and cook in our kitchen, and use our laundry baskets for sorting laundry instead of storing clothing, and invite people to eat dinner with us in our diningroom, and watch netflix in our living room. We're already doing that last one, but still.

I also want to be able to set up the basement as a craft room - the big computer desk is going to go down there because we got a smaller computer desk for free from Paul's work in VA, and that's what will go in the living room. The old computer desk is now going to be my Craft Central in the basement. The finished half of the basement will also be some storage, and a great room for a party. We were hoping to have a halloween party, but I don't think we're going to be ready in's alright tho, we don't need a nearby holiday to have a party, we can just throw one anyway whenever we are ready.

I'm headed to bed a while...lots to do at work this week, and hopefully the dining room will be partly painted when I get home tomorrow, so I'll have to help with that!


  1. you can have an autumn themed party and guests could iron leaves with crayon shavings in waxed paper and then sip hot cider (with perhaps additives) and eat autumn themed foods like roasted squash, etc.!

  2. "paining"--surely a Freudian slip!

  3. haha. It really is "paining"!!

    If I throw the autumn-themed party, will you come, Katy?