Saturday, October 27, 2007

Paul Triumphant

We have a cabinet in our kitchen! And even better, under the cabinet there is a microwave!! And it's all installed beautifully above our range/oven!!! Paul is awesome. He even got a "hole saw" that made these nice, neat holes in the cabinet and hutch so that the microwave is even plugged in and functional! I'm ridiculously excited to have a brand-new over-the-range microwave in my soon-to-be-functional kitchen.

The bedroom is all masked off and ready for the trim to be painted, which I will be doing tomorrow afternoon after I get home from singing with the choir at both church services. And for lunch, I will re-heat the rest of my dinner from Dukes tonight in my new microwave!!!

Time for bed...gotta be at church at 7:45 tomorrow morning, yeesh.


  1. Where is the picture to go with your gushing?

  2. paul sounds like a hero warrior

  3. Paul IS a hero warrior!! I'll post pics soon...gotta put one more coat of paint on the trim in the bedroom so that it doesn't look awful and streaky.