Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Paul and I have internet as of this afternoon! Yaaayy!!

Verizon FiOS internet-only and Netflix equals $25/month less than we were paying for cable and internet in VA. The first three Netflix also arrived today, but the DVD player is still packed so we're not quite up and running on that front yet.

I don't have a table to sit my computer on, and I don't know where the cord to connect my camera to the computer is, so no pictures yet. Be patient. Or come visit and see for yourself - Ninny did!

In other news, Paul got permission today from the landlord to do all the painting, sanding, re-finishing, and cabinet-hanging we want to, so we're good to go on that we just have to DO it all, and spend all the money for pretty IKEA stuff. We are going to have a big weekend with IKEA purchases; maybe some Big Lots, Value City, Ollie's, and Target thrown into the mix; washer/dryer price-comparison; and hopefully purchasing paint. I think we are going to do a VERY LIGHT yellow...not like my bedroom in my parent's house that I THOUGHT was a very light yellow but turned out to be sunshiney bright yellow instead...this would actually be barely yellow, but just enough to give the place a clean, bright feeling. I'm excited. Tomorrow Paul is going to install three-pronged outlets in most of the rooms, which now contain almost exclusively 2-pronged outlets.

I finally finished my big EAC at work, and I'm 6 hours ahead right now, so I should be able to get off nice and early on Friday. Being ahead is mostly due to the very long hours I worked last week, but also because I've been getting up nice and early like a good girl and making it into work by 8:00, which I plan to continue indefinitely. I almost need to, because the culture in this office is to get to work early and leave early - the place was all but deserted by 5:00 this afternoon, and it's only Tuesday. At 5:30 two Thursdays ago, I was literally the last person there.

Alright, it's time for a late dinner. Pictures hopefully by this weekend.


  1. are you guys getting a rent discount for doing all that work to your apartment? cause you're basically increasing the value of the place for your landlord! sheesh, that's a lot of work. i'm glad to be done with it. it took us a month of excruciating labor and we had GW helping.

  2. happy birthday, paul!! a fine apartment it is. i suggest everyone go visit and see for yourself!

  3. Happy Birthday, Paul!
    I still can't believe you are only 15 minutes away.