Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy weekend!

After another very busy week at work, I'm going to have a really busy weekend! Fortunately a busy weekend is a good thing, so it will offset the busy week at work, which isn't so great (but it's really OK and it will be much less busy after next week).

Start off with Friday night grabbing dinner and going to see a play at her school, after which I wouldn't be surprised if Paul and I end up hanging out with Vince.

Saturday during the day I'll either knit, read, clean, paint, or some combination of those, and I will definitely make King Cake and fresh rolls for Sarah's party; that night Paul and I are going on a bar tour in Harrisburg for my co-worker Aimee's 31st birthday. The bar tour doesn't start until 9:00, but we won't stay out late, because Sunday is the busiest day of all!

Sunday starts out with Bell choir playing at 8:15 and 11:00 (gotta be at church by 7:30!) with new member's class in between. At 11:00 bells are only the prelude, which is good because Paul and I have to leave as soon as the bells are done playing so that we make it to Nawakwa by noon to help Kathy make chicken and waffles! I'm super excited that Kathy called Paul to come help with a fun winter Nawakwa event. Once all the chicken & waffles have been eaten, Paul and I will leave from camp and go directly to Sarah's condo in Ashburn, VA for her super bowl party with Ginny, Jeneane, and Chris! It's a long way to go on a Sunday night, but worth it to see the VA crew. Luckily Paul and I don't care much about the actual game, so we'll probably leave before it's over to make it home by, say, midnight.

Other fun things in the near future: a visit from cousin Katy on Friday 8 Feb so she can see our apartment, Valentine's day, Nawakwa book group Feb 22-23, Juniata Central PA alumni winter gathering on Feb 23 in the evening, and going with my Mom to visit Hannah in Mansfield to finally see her apartment Feb 29 - Mar 1. So much to look forward to!!

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  1. ninny will also be visiting said apartment after mer picks katy up from the train station AND springing for lunch!!!