Wednesday, January 23, 2008

workin' hard

I was at work from 7:15 Tuesday morning until 6:00 in the evening. I only have to work 3 hours a day for the rest of the week to get in my 80 hours this pay period. I also worked about 5 hours over the long weekend (from home). *whew*

When I got home last night, after catching up on comics online, I made dinner from scratch in our newly-functional kitchen! I even did dishes. This is why I want to get into a class at HACC or something - when I'm super-busy, I'm more motivated to do everything, including housework.

Then Paul and I watched this bizarre and very B movie called "Existenz." It had Jude Law in it, and Willem Dafoe, and yet it was one of the most awkwardly acted movies I've ever seen. The plot was also hilariously uneven and contrived - Paul and I kept looking at each other like, "WTF???!?!!?" Plus, I totally called the ending about 10 minutes into the movie: I said "It'll be that they were inside the computer game from the beginning," and Paul said, "Yeah, probably." And they were. It was pretty ridiculous.

Got up at 8:15 this morning and took a shower. Now it's 9:15 and I guess I'll head into work, and stay until 3:00 or so, depending on how much work I have to do...there is a lot, but I got the big thing that was due done yesterday. I'm certainly going to end up with probably more overtime this pay period than I've ever had before...too bad I don't get overtime pay any more. Ah, well.

Going to Ashburn, VA for the super bowl to visit Sarah and Jeneane. Looking forward to that! Ginny will have moved in with Sarah by then, so they'll have Ginny's big screen TV (since I care about actually watching the game so much), and also Ginny's 2 cats and Sarah's cat - they're merging "families," which in this case means their cats. I said it was like the Brady Bunch, but updated for the 21st century! Tee hee. Now that I have a kitchen, I can bring something yummy to eat. I think I'll also crack out the 1-gallon plastic pitcher and come up with something yummy to drink.

Is anyone in the Lebanon clan free this weekend? I want to visit. Or be visited. Altho I guess I should really paint the trim in the dining room...and finish putting stuff away in the kitchen...yeah. Whatever.

Alrighty, for real now, getting dressed and going to work. Seriously. OK, bye.


  1. whew, you have been busy! I've been traveling so basically when i walk in the door the couch is my very best friend ever.

  2. i worked from 630a til 6p on tuesday!!! judy and i want to go to wegmen's on saturday. want to come with us? or do you want greer with you while we go? is your house greerproof?