Sunday, January 06, 2008


My Chia Pet is grown! Watch its growth, just like a real Chia commercial:

And even tho it's not finished yet, here's the home improvement album, with new pics at the end of our soon-to-be-finished base cabinets - then our kitchen will finally be fully functional!! Real countertop, I can hardly wait. I am going to go crazy with the Kitchen Aid mixer!!

Picasa has this "embed slideshow" feature that I've been wanting to try, but if it doesn't work well or you don't want to sit thru the whole home-improvement slideshow, you can always see my Picasa pictures here and just look at the last few in the "Home Improvement in New Cumberland" album to see the kitchen cabinets.


  1. i hope you're getting a rent break for all that work! you're helping your landlord raise property value! that looks amazing.

    plus, the chia pet is kind of gross when it is just sprouty. did you name it?

  2. Nope, haven't named it, but I have been calling it a "him." Hmm. Suggestions?

    PS: I added more Chia pics!

  3. Those slide shows are awesome, both your photos and the Picasa app.