Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Woo hoo!!

I rode my bike to work today, and I feel great. It's a nice ride - relatively flat, with a few small hills (none steep) and plenty of pedaling because there are not many significant down hills. A good, steady cardio workout. Once it's lighter for more hours a day, I am going to ride my bike so much! I definitely want to get the clipless pedals and shoes tho - Corey, hook me up! As long as you're not way more expensive than a commercial place, I'd much rather buy them from you.

The best part was just getting to be outside today - it was around 65 degrees on my way home this afternoon. My fingers were a bit chilly on the way to work when it was only around 45 degrees, but this afternoon was amazingly gorgeous - the kind of weather I could be happy with most of the year! As long as I got a few snow days and a few hot pool/beach days, it could be 65 degrees the rest of the time and I'd be quite happy.

Hopefully I can get some bike pedals and shoes before it's next warm enough to ride!

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  1. let me tell you, those pedals are like death shoes. when the bike falls over, you are attached to it and you go down with the ship. that's a major scary area for me. you are brave, my cousin.