Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cell Phone Saga: Every cloud has a chocolate lining

So last night I kind of noticed that I didn't know where my phone was, but thought nothing of it.

This morning I had Paul call my phone, and he informed me it went right to voicemail, meaning the phone was off. That was strange, since I knew the phone had been plenty charged, and I certainly hadn't turned it off myself. Even when I am at the movies or in a meeting or something, I only set it to vibrate, never turn it off. But anyway, I figured I had left it on my desk at work, and still wasn't worried.

Shortly thereafter I got into work, where a quick glance around my cubicle revealed no phone. I commented out loud that, huh, I didn't know where my phone was, and someone down the row answered that someone had brought a phone in this morning that they had found in the parking lot. Sure it was mine, I went out to the admin's desk, and sure enough, there was my phone.

It had spent the night in a rainy parking lot.

It did not work any more.

Actually, after drying out all day and a new battery (that, oddly enough, I happened to have in my purse - actually the original battery that only holds a charge for about 3 hours), the phone miraculously powered on. However, the screen occasionally flickered to white, and the antenna must have been damaged as well, because sometimes it showed zero signal even though I usually have lots of bars at my office.

After chatting with my co-workers, I decided to head out to the Verizon store after work to see if they'd give me my new-every-two discount 11 days early.

At the Verizon store, the guy informed me that (1) I needed to either have my dad with me or have him add my name to the account in order to get my new phone, and (2) he would get me a new battery for my old phone, but (3) I would have to wait until 3/16 to get a new phone.

So, with my new battery in my deteriorating but semi-functional old phone, I headed to Killian Fireplace Center to see my dad. He agreed to add me to the account so that I wouldn't drag him out to the Verizon store on a Sunday, so I called the customer service number from Paul's phone and waited on hold until a person picked up. After my dad added my name to the account, the customer service guy said he would check with his supervisor about moving my discount up to dad handed the phone back to me, where I waited on hold for about another 5 minutes. When the guy came back on, he had the news I wanted to hear - my discount had been moved up to today, yay!!

So I headed back out the pike and back into the Verizon store, where I triumphantly purchased my first-ever non-free phone. When the girl tried to offer me a car charger, insurance, texting, and other add-ons, I told her that this was my first time ever paying for a cell phone and I didn't think I could handle any more than that right now. She was very friendly, and after waiting while she transfered all my contacts and pictures, I skipped out of the store with my very own LG Cherry Chocolate phone!!

I am so excited, I can't even tell you. Ninny says Franny just got a blue chocolate, so with me and Betsy that makes 3 chocolate cousins! We are so cool. I hope Hannah decides to get that Samsung one that opens two ways and has a full keyboard so that she can have lots of fun with her text messaging. But right now I am just super excited that I have a really fun cell phone for the first time ever! YAY.

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