Sunday, March 16, 2008


Lots of fun since my last post!

First of all, here are my pics of Kelly R's bridal shower! It was very fun. The photos up now are full-sized for now (in case anyone wants to download), but I'll take these down and put them back up with the smaller file size in a few weeks.

After the shower we were going to have a bridesmaid sleep over at Katie's, but everyone ended up having other things to do, so Katie, Laura, Kelly, and I just hung out at Katie's for a little bit, ate some snacks, played with Katie's adorable, friendly rat terrier and watched him do some funny tricks like turning on and off the lights, rolling over, and giving a high-five, and then went home around 7:00.

I was glad we decided not to sleep over, because I had to be at church at 10:15 this morning to practice Ubi Caritas one more time before Thursday night, altho we didn't end up practicing then because a few of the youth bell choir kids were very late and they needed to practice. The one girl did show up until right before they were supposed to play the preludes, so Tim had already pulled me in to play...I heard from Amy that she was pretty upset that she couldn't play, but I think Tim was right to not let her - everyone is so important, that if even one person is missing it really messes things up for everyone else, so it's not fair to the other kids who were there on time to practice. A few others were late but still got there in time to practice, but Tim got really mad! I've never seen him be so stern and angry!

You know how when you were in school and your teacher was yelling at the entire class for something that a few students had done, how even if you weren't at fault at all, you still felt bad and got all tense? Well, I was standing there with my bells when another girl came in late (25 minutes late at that point), and that's what set Tim off, so I was "in the class," so to speak, as they were getting yelled at. So that made me all tense, and then even tho the bells I was playing had quite a simple part and I did do fine when we played (I only messed up one note), I was nervous because I had only played the songs once before. Then when the bells were done playing the adult choir was singing the last prelude, so I had to trot back to the Narthex, grab my music, and only snuck in the door in time to pick up the song at the top of the second page! So I was all out of breath and sweating like crazy, and with the much larger than usual attendance on Palm Sunday, it was warmer than usual in the Nave to boot. I was so warm. Blech. And that was my Sunday morning.

Now I'm sitting in the family room blogging while Paul's corned beef brisket roasts in the oven, along with 5 carrots, 5 potatoes, four onions, four stalks of celery, a bunch of garlic, two parsnips, and a rutabaga, and it smells divine! We're having our Irish dinner for St. Patrick's Day tonight, even tho St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow, or technically last Friday because the Pope actually officially moved it this year so it wouldn't interfere with Holy Week, haha.

Hannah made a yummy dinner for us last Wednesday evening, including fresh bread she baked earlier that afternoon. Well, Paul and I forgot about the half loaf left on the counter, and so of course it was very stale when I found it I have it cut up into bite-sized cubes and tossed with olive oil, kosher salt, pepper, and fresh minced garlic, and later tonight (once the brisket is out) I'll spread them on a cookie sheet and finish making some yummy croutons. Then later this week Paul and I are going to have a healthy dinner of fresh greens, chicken breast, and the croutons. Probably some red onion too...mmmmm. So that will be a delicious, healthy dinner, and Hannah's great bread won't go to waste.

And now, since I know you've been wondering (since you care so much about my cell phone): I love my Cherry Chocolate, it's been great, no problems. It's so sleek looking, I love keeping it in my pocket, and I love popping it open to make a call and zipping it closed again when I'm done - it's so fun! I definitely don't regret buying it. I have it set to auto-answer, so if I have my headphone plugged in when someone calls, it rings twice and then picks up without me having to press anything - that will be fun and handy for when I ride my bike to work! Eventually hopefully I can get the bluetooth headset, but for now the older one I have is fine. And with the 1Gb micro SD card we have, I just need to rip a few CDs to wma files, and I should be able to use my one headset to listen to music while I ride, and I think the phone would then switch to a phone call automatically, and hopefully back when the person hangs up, all without me having to do anything! I love it.

Paul and I went on a nice long walk this afternoon once he had all the veggies chopped and them along with the brisket in the oven. We discovered that it's pretty nice to walk down towards the Susquehanna and then along the railroad tracks for a ways, but right when you're about as far south as the theater in New Cumberland it gets a little too rocky. Luckily that was the perfect place for us to come back up to the road, since Paul wanted to stop at Coakley's to get a sixpack of Guiness to have with dinner. So now I just have to wait patiently until 8:00 when we get everything out of the oven and dig in! It's going to be so good...mmmmmm......

In other news, if you have a Picasa web album (Google's photo-sharing program), send me a link to you so I can add you as a favorite! I somehow missed this feature, luckily Kelly M (it's so weird that she's not Kelly D, haha) and Rachel enlightened me yesterday at the shower. I finally found Kelly and Rachel's, and I have my mom and Julie D, so I think I've got everyone who has one, but if you've got a Picasa let me know!!

Dinner is smelling better and better...gotta wait another 70 minutes until dinner...I don't think I can make it!!

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